Friday, November 16, 2007

Triathlon: Kimberley in secret training

LESS than a month before she begins the defence of her triathlon gold medal at the Sea Games, Kimberley Yap's approach seems rather dramatic.
So worried that she's gone into exile, training under Le Tua Cycling Team coach Johari Nayan in her bid to improve her major weaknesses.

Extremely worried about her abilities in the cycling leg, former national swimmer Kimberley has looked to the continental team's coach to improve on her overall performance.

"She said she doesn't want to be disturbed and she wants to keep full focus in the build-up to the Sea Games. Kimberley came to me rather distraught and seemed very worried," said Johari.

"I think she needs a morale boost, so we all have to be considerate when dealing with an athlete in this state. I've started training her and the only way she can get a boost in confidence is by seeing improvement in training," said Johari.
Johari said he believes Kimberley's form will be on the up by the time the Sea Games come around, with some drastic improvements to be seen in her cycling leg, previously her achilles heel.

Kimberley, 22, had in September finished 28th in the under-23 class of the World Championships in Hamburg, Germany.

She returned to Malaysia last month after completing a scholarship programme provided by World Championships and World Cup organisers the BG Group, in which she trained in Hungary and competed in several rounds of the World Cup.

"She was really down after returning from Europe. She felt her form was dropping and was very worried about the Sea Games and she said she needed help," said Johari.

"So, I agreed to take her under my wings and I've dedicated several hours a day just to focus on Kimberley's programme. I give my guarantee that she will be in shape for the Sea Games."

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