Thursday, December 6, 2007

Weekend Ride

Date: 8th December 2007
Day: Saturday
Time: push off at 7.30am from PARKING TAMAN WARISAN PUTRAJAYA
Route: PUTRAJAYA-KG PANDAN-PUTRAJAYA x 2 (new highway still not open to vehicles)
Distance: +/-70km x 2 = Total 140-150KM
Race Director: SHAZLY & AFS

A bit of info on the terrain :

Start from Taman Warisan, Putrajaya (good place to park & makan), follow the highway sign to KLIA & roughly about 2km from the Toll to the North-South Highway,u will see a turn-off point on the left which at the moment is blocked by Road Dividers...tapi u can see the awesome Toll-House of the Putrajaya/Kg Pandan on top of a hill on your right.....after that it's full of "rolling" hills (frankly lost count) all the way to Kg Pandan & of course nothing for u Mutants! distance Taman Warisan/Kg Pandan & back around 80km. Kalau not enough, u can carry on with the "Powerman" route around Putrajaya of another 30km per loop....

Overall, going to be a nice ride but got to watch out for some mad lorry drivers cum maintenance staff having a good go up & down the highway! I understand they are going to open the highway in January 2008.

Sadly no place to carbo-load,so better load up with water/food or whatever drugs u Mutants take before & during the ride.....good food at Taman Warisan albeit a little bit pricey.

-Ahmad Fadzil Samsudin (AFS)

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