Thursday, January 31, 2008

Now, you don’t need a big pool to keep fit

Malaysia-made product allows users to swim on the spot.

EXPERTS say that swimming is one of the best exercises to keep fit, but very few of us can afford the convenience of a swimming pool in our homes.

The Smart Pool could well be a less expensive solution, as it allows users to swim on the spot - just like a swimming treadmill.

Swimming on the spot: Professional triathlete Cecil Cheong demonstrating how the SmartPool works during the launching ceremony recently.
According to SmartPools Sdn Bhd executive director Faizan Khan, the pool works on a volume driven water propulsion system which offers a smooth, adjustable current in a water depth of 3.5ft within a 15ftx8ft pool.

"This is the first pool that is designed, developed and manufactured in Malaysia," said Faizan during the launch at the Mines Waterfront Business Park on Thursday .

The pool can be fitted indoors or outdoors and installation can be simple or grand according to decor choices, with a selection of marble, granite, pebble stone, brick and wood finishing.

It can be installed on ground level, or at in-ground level.

Pool pushers: (From right) SmartPools Sdn Bhd executive director Zeeshan Khan, sales manager Eddie Kamarul Yahya and executive director Faizan Khan join professional triathlete Cecil Cheong as he takes a breather after exercising in the SmartPool.
Maintenance is not extensive, and operating costs are about the same as that of an air conditioner, while the Water Quality System maintenance costs about RM50 a month.

Faizan is expecting good response within the next few years from the Malaysian, Singaporean, Asian and Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) markets.

"As of now we have received confirmed orders of 54 units. The company hopes to produce from 600 to 700 units in the first year alone, and eventually increase production up to 3, 000 units annually by 2010. These are very conservative figures," said Faizan.

SmartPools has signed a sales partnership agreement with Country Heights E Marketing Services Sdn Bhd to target villa and semi-detached home owners in more than 3, 000 villas in Country Heights' properties across the country.

SmartPools currently offers the SmartPool Arena package at RM49, 550 and the SmartPool X-Lane (to be fitted into existing pools) at RM24, 500.

For details, call 1 300 88 7474.


Anonymous said...

This is an amazing product. I have always wanted to swim and keep fit but did not have the space in my house or the budget.

skali said...

Great to know a pool such as this exists in this part of the world. Last time I inquired about a counter currnt pool in the US the price was too much to afford. I think smart pool is quiet reasonably priced.

zulhassan said...

25k gulpp.....

franko said...

I hope you can afford it one day Zul. after all its a good saving on the time taken going to the public pool each week for training.