Tuesday, February 12, 2008

ITU Tips

Transition Tips: part 1 of 4 (February 11, 2008 ) Today we start the first of a four-part series on transition tips from ITU Sport Development Manager Alan Ley.

We know that triathlons consist of three disciplines; swimming, cycling and running – plus two transitions. Triathletes are the best at practicing running drills, swimming skills and cycling mile after mile to gain a few seconds of speed and efficiency. But the swim to bike (T-1) or bike to run (T-2) transitions are usually neglected until race morning. By following a few simple tips and practicing transitions prior to race morning triathletes can reduce their stress and anxiety and see a reduction in their finishing times without adding a single interval to their training.


1. Keep your transition area simple and clutter free. Leave all the gimmicks and non-race essential swag in the car.
2. Make sure your helmet is the first item to put on and the last to take off.
3. Set up your transition area the same way all the time. Everything should be automatic and rehearsed before race morning. Repetition creates efficiency.

Check back soon for part two in our series on Transition Tips

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