Friday, April 4, 2008

PCC Ride - Batu Arang - 6 April

Let’s do the whole 9 yards to Coal Stone this weekend! Especially all AAM members (in case you puncture and I don't mean your tubes) and fit and seasoned riders. Route is rolling with only some pimples around Batu Arang and Guthrie Corridor. Traffic will be moderate mostly, heavy only in Sg Buloh. Expect to be back no earlier than noon. We don’t want too short a pleasure, right? New riders and those needing to be back early are recommended not to go anywhere near Coal Stone. Take Option 1. Or Option 2.

Sunday Road Ride – Ride to Coal Stone (110km)

Date: 6 April 08 Sunday

Time: 7:00am sharp (please be there by 6:45am as train will leave on schedule)

Start/ End: Centre Point, Bandar Utama

Route: CentrePoint- Kota Damansara- Sg. Buloh- Ijok (1st Regroup)- Btg Berjuntai- Batu Arang (R&R)- Guthrie Corridor- Kg Subang-Kota Damansara- Tropicana-CentrePoint. (110km)

Option 1: 45km- Turn off at Guthrie Corridor (via Guthrie Corridor-Kg Subang-Kota D'Sara-Tropicana- CP)
Option 2: 80km - U-turn back at Ijok Petronas Station (via Guthrie Corridor-Kg Subang-Kota D'Sara-Tropicana- CP)

This ride will help build up your endurance and leg speed. Suggest riding at higher cadence with lighter gears. Bring spare tubes, pump, muesli bars and sufficient hydration. Sun block and hydrating salts is recommended.

If you have further queries, please direct them to our Ride Leader, PK (016-666 6110). See you guys and dolls this Sunday!


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