Friday, April 25, 2008

Sunday Road Ride

Date: Sunday 27 April 2008

Time: 7:00 am sharp (please be there 15minutes beforehand)

Start/ End: CentrePoint carpark (in front of BananaLeaf Restaurant), Bandar Utama


Option 1: CP-Kota D'Sara-Sg Buloh-Ijok Petronas (regroup)-Btg Berjuntai-Sg. Tinggi (well, not quite-stop at fruit stall halfway to Sg Tinggi)-U-turn-Btg Berjuntai-Ijok (Petronas)-Guthrie Corridor-Kg Subang-Kota D'Sara-Tropicana-CP (100km);

Option 2: CP-Kota D'Sara-Sg Buloh-Ijok Petronas (regroup)- U-turn-Guthrie Corridor-Kg Subang-Kota D'Sara-Tropicana-CP (80km);

Option 3: CP-Kota D'Sara-Sg Buloh-Guthrie Corridor-Kg Subang-Kota D'Sara-Tropicana-CP (45km);

Ride description:

Warm up pace until Sg Buloh. Pace will pick up as we go past Guthrie Corridor exit. Some undulations as we're nearing Ijok. Moderate traffic along Sg Buloh and Kg Subang to Kota D'Sara, so please keep left as much as possible. Mostly flattish, expect 2 climbs in Guthrie C.

Always ride prepared for eventualities. Carry spare tubes, pump, some money and handphone in case you need to call for AAM. Most of all, please ride abiding our road rules, ride predictably and keep safe. See yuh Sunday ya!

If you have any questions about the ride, please foward them to our Ride Leader, PK (016-666 6110)


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