Friday, October 26, 2007

Weekend Ride Details


Date : Saturday 27 October 2007

Time :
Menu :
Bt14 - Klawang
Distance :
About 130K
Meet Place :
Dewan Bt14
Pace :
Pecah jantung ponya ... acah jer.
Contact person : Bacin (yg kiut belah kanan tuh) - 013-3585859

From tritwins:

We are off to PD on Saturday (circa 200k ride). This will be the last 200k ride before Busselton. Next week, we are heading to Bentong for a bit less distance and a bit more intensity.

Meet at Mega Mall exit off the Federal Highway at 0600 or at Cheras 2nd toll at 0640. (Simon: let me know where we’ll meet you.)

Simon and I plan to do a 42k run on Sunday, so save some energy and join us on Sunday too. Nice and easy Ironman-shuffle.

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