Tuesday, January 22, 2008

PowerBar Featured Athlete - Roslizawati bt Rasidi

From powerbar.com.my

After a tele-conversation with Roslizawati, she shares some facts on her that we never know before:-

  1. Tell us what inspired you to start active in sport?
    When I looked at my father’s portrait during his younger time, he was very tough person and very active in sports. Because of that, I transfer it to myself by being active in sports and I love testing my limit, especially in extreme sports that requires high intensity and strong endurance.

  2. Brief us on the latest news about you
    Currently I got knee injury for both of my knees, my left even worst. I have to forgo 2007 calendar and starts back next year.

    InsyaAllah…Actually, I just came back from Merdeka de’ Everest project 2007, where 6 Malaysian climbers have successfully conquered top of the world, Mount Everest. Due to this injury, I had lost chance to represent duathlon for Sea Games, which I dreamt of since I had no longer representing national after quitting from national hockey.

    Besides, I had been selected to represent Malaysia for 2011 Everest project and now working hard to make my dream comes true.

  3. Hometown: Taiping, Perak

  4. DOB: 14 May 1983

  5. Favourite thing about training:
    I like to feel the thrill and suffer from my training session and of course, the sweat makes me looks fresh!

  6. Favourite thing about competition:
    Every time when there is competition, I can’t wait to challenge myself after all the hard work I had spent along my training.

  7. Dislike about competition:
    I hate of getting sudden-fever when competition is around the corner. I hate when organizers takes things easy when competition/race happened such as bad management and empty promises. I hate when people under estimate my ability.

  8. Favourite POWERBAR Product/ flavour
    My favorite PowerBar product is PowerBar Triple Threat, chocolate peanut flavor.

  9. Biggest obstacle / challenge overcome to date:
    Vanish the word “I can’t repeat my successes” in my mind!! It kills my positive-thinking, it tarnish my ambition and brings me to the emergence of “negative thinking”.

  10. Favourite leisure activities (beside sport) / hobbies:
    Surf internet and sleep…

  11. One fact no one knows about Roslizawati:
    When people look at me, they might say I am a tough and rough girl, but actually vice versa.

    I am also kind of schematic person when doing training because I do not know how to cheat my training program. If I plan to do 21km run, I will finish it by hook or by crook without thinking of my injury and I don’t care of surrounding such as raining day. This actually scares me.. :)
  12. Website link/ email:

  13. Favourite Inspirational quote:
    I have to control and conquer myself before I plan to conquer and overcome anything else…:) always believe that!

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