Thursday, May 22, 2008

Sunday PCC Road Ride

Gold Coast Beach ride (96km)

After a long weekend of climbs to Frasers and Bentong, it's time to head on to some flatter grounds. We will be getting the sea breeze gently blowing in our faces, the tanginess of salt water on our lips, coconut trees swaying by a golden-sanded beach, sounds of lapping waves in the background. Ya, you'd be right... we're headed to the Gold Coast of Malaysia; Bagan Lalang.

Date: 25 May Sunday

Time: 7:30am (please be there 15minutes before start. The train leaves on time)

Start/ End: MTDC carpark, Bangi

Route: Option 1: MTDC-Salak Tinggi-Sepang-Salak Tinggi-MTDC (70km)

Option 2: MTDC-Salak Tinggi- Sepang- Sg Pelek-Bagan Lalang-Sg Pelek-Salak Tinggi-MTDC (96km)

Mostly flat and some rolling roads, except for one little dimple on the way back. Low to moderate vehicular traffic. But do keep singlefiled and furthest left at one stretch from Salak Tinggi to Sepang.

Newbies should go for Option 1. You should be back at your car well before 11:00 am.

Oldies have to do the full loop. You know who you are... Whichever way you choose, please stop to enjoy the cendol madu and sweet nectar of sugar canes alongside the road from Salak Tinggi to MTDC.

Work on your endurance, at no more than 85% of max heart rate (220-age) or if you dun have a HR monitor; it's when you are laboring to complain about the ride. Cadence should be about 90rpm (anymore and your cute butt will start to bounce on your saddle) on a moderately heavy gear. You should be able to maintain this effort til the cows come home. Good training for the coming PCC Interstate 08!

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