Saturday, September 22, 2007

The Beginning


I've just finished my first season as a member of the wonderful triathlon community in Malaysia, and for some time now have been having thoughts about becoming more involved than just participating in races.

I also noticed the following (correct me if I am wrong):
  • There are no formal triathlon "Clubs" in Malaysia, in the traditional sense.
  • There are no Malaysian or Asian magazines catering for triathlon.
  • Newspapers and the media in general give triathlon very little coverage.
  • Communication amongst the community seems to be limited to the forum and certain popular blogs.
So I have this idea to create a website that could include the following, particularly focusing on Malaysia:
  • Race calendar
  • Race reports (of entire races, not one persons experience)
  • Interviews with local triathletes (not just the superstars!)
  • Route Maps
  • News on group swim and run sessions and bike rides
  • Information on coaching, swimming pools, shops
  • Product reviews*
  • Training Tips*
  • Links
*Probably well-catered for already on other websites or magazines.

I have a limited amount of time to spend on this site, so I would be looking for input from anyone who's willing. Also, I don't have any particular path that I want to follow, this site might live or die depending on the response, and I plan to tailor the content according to feedback from the site's visitors.

It might become an online magazine, or the online presence of a "Club", a resource centre or something else, I really don't know.

If you have an opinion on this idea, or any suggestions, please post a comment below or email me (


Mohd Shazly Khan said...

hey buddy.. its a good idea. We need something like this. So i'll be happy to assist and contribute my 2cents worth. :)

Unknown said...

cool keep it up man

Unknown said...

...well..there is one tri club in jb formed in '05. we are active in participating races and training together..and a quarterly mag should fun right?
yep media only wants the big games such as football....
ey why dont you go and set up a tri club with ur buddies...the more the better man!!

Simon said...

Great Initiative Adrian, you've got my vote. It amazes me that there is not KL Trr Club - this could be the beginnings o something beautiful!

trinick67 said...

Good idea. I'm doing my best by letting the world know what triathlons Malaysia has to offer on my World Triathlon Map at

I have the same issue you have when it come time to find out about races around there. I plot races based on course maps and it seems most of the races over there don't have them.

Best of luck!

Paul said...

Adrian - Great idea..! I hope to revisit this site in the future to see it chocked full of stuff/reviews/write-ups.

sgloong said...

fully support..... it may be a good spot to promote the sport...


tri_pooh said...

Hey this is Yeong Shang!
Yes, we need a blog badly after
Kim just raced Hong Kong ITU this morning. Can you get hold of the results and post it?

sofiantriathlete said...

Go for it Adrian

fook said...

fully get my support mate!

nurina said...

Wonderful idea, just let us know how we can help out...